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You can Now Get knowledge of world wedding Traditions and Enjoy Your own Marriage Customs by Comparing and Appreciating!

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Here's a special page to help you discovering amazing shades of wedding traditions around the world. I know I am digressing from the main blue print of this website but I feel it very important to describe main elements of world wedding customs so that you may compare your own marriage customs with the traditions worldwide. You are welcome to contribute with your own marriage customs and traditions to make them highlighted before other visitors of this website.

16th Century Marriage Customs

Many 16th century marriage customs like the wedding cake or the wedding rings are still followed. Many of the beliefs, superstitions, and rituals involved in marriages are age old. The belief that it is bad luck for the bride to be seen in her wedding dress by the groom before the wedding is an example of the superstitions passed down from the 16th century.

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Afghan Marriage Traditions

Afghan marriage traditions are family and community oriented affairs. The celebrations are three day long events. Everyone in the immediate family and the extended family is invited to the wedding. Friends of the family are also invited for the occasion. It requires a lot of planning and is often very expensive. Read More...

Arabian Marriage Traditions

Arabian marriage laws permit the man to marry with four women and to maintain all his four wives if his financial and economic circumstances permit him to do so. However, in ancient Arabian culture there were no such restrictions on the number of marriages which a male could contract…


Argentinean Wedding Traditions

Argentinean wedding traditions often depend on the religion followed by the couple getting married. Catholic Argentineans get married in churches with the traditional Christian customs. These involve typical Christian wedding traditions, like the wedding march, wedding cake, the act of offering the bride and the involvement of the ribbon, the hosiery and the bouquet.

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Bulgarian Culture of Marriage

Before the groom leaves the house, there are many customs followed to protect him from evil spirits. Barley is poured over his head, rifles are shot in the air, and the groom takes the blessings of his parents. The flag bearers, followed by the musicians, the best man, the groom and the rest of the guests then move to the bride’s house. Usually, there is a “hostage” sent before them and he heralds the coming of the wedding procession in Bulgarian culture. The bride’s parents sell him a rooster which is decorated with a wreath of white popcorn and chilli pepper hanging in the middle. The rooster’s wings are tied with a red cloth. The price f the rooster is bargained over for a long time. After the guests are seated, the bride is locked in a room with the maid of honour. The groom and the best man, after paying an admission fee are allowed into the room, where the “veiling” of the bride is done. The maid of honour attempt to veil her three times, the first two of which she refuses. The third time she is veiled.

More on Bulgarian Wedding Customs

Christian Wedding Traditions

Christian wedding traditions start with bridal shower and the bachelor party. Often, before the wedding, the bride’s close friends and loved ones throw her a bridal shower. This involves a fun-filled informal party with entertainment. This is to symbolize the parting of the bride and in honor of the new life that lies before her. Read More...

Egyptian Marriage Customs

You must be aware that modern Egypt is Islamic. The religion dictates that marriage should be accepted by the bride and the groom. The marriage has to be publicized. However, the couple may not meet before the wedding or even after the engagement in public or private. Some families may permit the couple to meet in a very limited way.

Read More On Egyptian Marriage Customs...

French Wedding Traditions

In ancient French wedding traditions the social and economic standing of the bride and the groom were important considerations for any marriage contract. This way most of the marriages were convenience marriages. The marriage laws too, reflect this concern with the financial and economic status of the parties. Read More...

American Marriage Customs

Native American marriage customs are riddled with superstitious beliefs. These are adhered to by the brides and grooms for the sheer fun of it or traditionalism of it. You must also be familiar with the saying ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and silver sixpence inside your shoe’. Each part of the saying has significance on the marriage day. This is a native American marriage custom that enjoins that the bride and groom must invite their relatives and friends and they represent the “old”. The “New” is the new relationship that is being formed through marriage. The “borrowed” is an attire or accessory that is borrowed for the marriage day and must be returned to the owner. Brides always wear “something blue” for luck and it represents their virginity. This may be worn openly or tucked out of sight. Brides also ensure that they have sixpence tucked into their shoes. This is said to bring luck and prosperity to the union. Read More

African Wedding Traditions

Today’s African wedding traditions date back to thousands of years. It has never been a marriage between two persons but a bond between two tribes. Even today a marriage means a union of two families. On the other hand variety of religions, customs and ethnic groups has made African wedding traditions a bonanza of ceremonies. Marriage ceremonies are bewitching and colorful. Read More...

Jewish Wedding Customs

Do you know that the Ancient Jewish Wedding customs are governed by the Torah or the sacred book of the Jews?

Interestingly, Jewish weddings are arranged by the parents of the bride and the groom and you would find that neither the bride nor the groom is involved in the initial discussion. The process begins with the Shiddukhin. The Jewish marriage customs also include Mohar, dowry, written contract, betrothal ceremony, chuppa, Nissuin and Shofar. A few of these customs are close to Islamic marriage customs. Read More...

Filipino Wedding Traditions

Filipino wedding traditions are strongly influenced by Spanish traditions. It is not only Filipino wedding customs but you can observe Spanish influence in all walks of life. It does not mean that Philippines love Spain very much. In fact they have been ruled by the Spanish for more than 350 years. Read More

Greek Wedding Traditions

Greece is a fascinating part of world as far as Greek wedding traditions go. If you are a Greek and plan to have a traditional Greek wedding, you will find many of the Greek wedding customs and traditions very symbolic and fascinating. You will also find that much of the Greek wedding customs have been integrated into the church wedding ceremonies of the Orthodox Church. Read More...

Elizabethan Wedding Customs

Many men and women met each other for the first time on their wedding day! The wealthy men were sometimes given a miniature of the woman he is to marry to give him an idea of how she would look. Unfortunately the women were given no such consideration. She was a second class citizen irrespective of social standing. Sometimes a girl was engaged the moment she is born and is not introduced to her future husband till the day of her wedding. Read More...

Korean Wedding

As per Korean wedding traditions, the ceremony starts with groom who presents a live goose to his mother-in-law to commit that he will remain loyal to his wife during his life. Modern day grooms prefer a wooden goose instead of a live one. (Perhaps it is more solid commitment than the live one as it can survive longer period of time.) Read More,,,

Russian Wedding Customs

The Russians do not recognize Church marriages or other religious ceremonies. Only marriages registered at the ZAGS are recognized as legal. So, all Russian marriages are registered at the ZAGS. Read More...

Russian Wedding Superstitions

Another superstition associated with Russian weddings is that if the groom drops the ring while putting it on, it is a bad omen. You will find that Russians also tell the bride that she should not take the empty ring box from the groom. It should be handed over to an unmarried woman in the crowd. The young woman receiving the empty ring box can expect to get married soon! Read More...

Scottish Wedding Traditions

While traditionally, it is the man who must make the move and propose to his bride, there are exceptions to this rule in Scottish wedding traditions. If you are a maid who has been “left on the shelf” you can rectify the problem by proposing to the man of your choice on the 29th day of February. Read More...

Japanese Wedding Traditions

Did you know that during a traditional Shinto ceremony, the kami or the spirits that are around us in the world are honored? A branch called the harai-gushi is used in a purification ceremony by the priests, who call upon the gods for blessings. Then a ritual called san-san-kudo is performed, where sake is shared from three flat cups stacked on top of the other. This ritual varies from family to family. The groom generally takes three sips from every cup one by one and the bride follows him. Read More...

Thai Marriage Customs

Thai weddings are distinguished by a very simple wedding ceremony conducted in the Buddhist style. The weddings need not be conducted by Monks. They are often conducted at the residences of the Thai brides.

The Thai wedding tradition enjoins that “Marriages are made in heaven” and the earthly union is merely an affirmation. The couples therefore, donate a “Merit Gift’ to the Buddhist temple. The guests at the wedding also make a donation to the temple in the name of the Thai brides or the grooms. Read More

Vietnamese Wedding Traditions

What are Vietnamese wedding traditions?

This question can not be answered unless you realize that Vietnamese life revolves around the welfare of the community in which they live. Their wedding traditions naturally have roots in their customs and traditions of their community. Most Vietnamese believe that the marriage must promote the interests of the community and the family. The bride and the groom are, therefore, carefully selected and a number of formalities are observed before announcing the betrothal and marriage. Read More...

Hindu Marriage Customs

You must be aware that the Hindu marriage customs and traditions have been derived from the practices that have been enshrined in Vedic texts and have been handed down the generations. The Hindu way of life is divided into four stages—Brahmacharya (bachelordom), grihasta (householder), vanaprastha (giving up possessions and devoting oneself to god as a couple), Sanyasa (giving up relationships and devoting oneself completely to god). The grihastashrama is initiated when the Hindu gets married. Read More...

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