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Torn between the TWO

by lostone
(Maryland, U.S.)

I am a young girl living in the U.S. and getting ready to graduate from college.

There is a guy i've been dating for a year & we are perfect together ONLY problem is he is not ready to settle right now, he is not ready to talk to my family & his family right now bcuz he is not financially stable....he's outta college looking for a stable job.

On the other hand, there is another guy interested & serious about marriage. He wants to talk to my family and get their approval before talking to me first. He is financially ready & mentally ready as well. He is a little bit more religious than the other guy.

The problem is I feel I connect with the 1st guy and part of me feels I should be patient with him and things will eventually work out.

Then on the other hand the 2nd guy is ready & I feel if I let him go is like letting a once in a life time opportunity go....???

Any advise or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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