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Muslim Marriage Issues in Legal and Relationship Domains.

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Marriage Issue Too many Muslim marriage issues...

It is natural. Life changes very quickly when you marry. No more simple ways. No more freedom of being single. Baby is born. Expenditures increase. New relations come into existence. A new partner has not only to share your bed but also your home. You may feel stressed at times. You need to adjust. You demand the same from your partner.

However, Muslim marriage issues are not unique. All marriages go through difficulties because it is real life. Their effect depends upon the attitude of the couple who is facing them. You may like to fight physically but many like to ignore them altogether.

Some prefer marriage counseling and others try to understand each other more. It all depends upon your experience and tendency to handle the difficulties. It is possible that both of you may have different temperaments but there is still a way if there is a will.

There are different kinds of difficulties. Some arise out of your social and racial backgrounds. Others relate to your children, family planning, in-laws, gender issues and mutual relationships. However, some are legal. You can broadly divide them in two major categories; legal and relationship issues.

Legal Issues

Some marriage issues start even before you contract a marriage and continue after that. Do you qualify to marry regarding your age? What kinds of marriages are legal to be contracted in Islam? What kinds of marriages are prohibited in Islam? What kinds of marriages are considered irregular? How can you regularize an irregular marriage? How can you handle maintenance problems? When you are required to pay the dower (mehr)? What are excused to get a divorce? The list goes on…

Relationship Issues

Some people consider that in a successful marriage the both partners have to contribute equally. However, the relationship problems in marriage arise when either of the party ignores the due role to be performed. You need to handle relationship marriage difficulties sensibly. In stress situations always recall why you had married at all.

Never neglect your mutual relationships as your negligence can lead to some traumatic situation. With the birth of children you may not have sufficient time to spend with each other but you should spend quality time. Quality time means that whatever time you spend together, spend that with full attention and love. Talk to each other and tell your partner how do your feel about her. Every marriage has bumps but don’t give up too soon.


Marriage is adventurous. But it should be a journey to build a perfect family unit as required by Quran. You may face challenges but you can find the ways to resolve the marriage issues. However, whatever method you adopt you shall continue facing them throughout your life. No marriage is free from marriage issues.

But all marriages do not end in separation.

Whenever you face marriage issues talk about them to your partner in a sensible tone. There are chances that both of you may be able to find the solution. You may prefer marriage counseling if you still find it hard to resolve the difficulties yourselves. When you are sure that your efforts are not going to resolve the situation you can open tell your partner that it may lead the family to separation.

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