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READ THIS GUIDE: If You Are Serious to Know About Muslim Marriage Contract, Problems and Issues!

Muslim Marriage Guide is An Overview of Muslim Marriage Contract, Marriage Jurisprudence and Related Issues, in the light of Quran, Sunnah and Muslim Thought. Also Go through Marriage Customs and Cultures in Different Countries and Nations to Enjoy their Colours.

It is Very Simple - Simple and Understandable!

A Muslim Marriage is a civil contract...

...but it is a religious affair too.

It creates immediate rights and duties. The Muslim Jurists have worked out details of these rights, duties and obligations. But there is too much difference and too many opinions. Then different branches of Muslims have different sources to develop their jurisprudences.

Isn’t confusing?

This Muslim Marriage Guide is launched to look into marriage philosophy, modes, validities, limitations, procedures, divorce, second marriage etc, in a very plain and straightforward fashion. The guide takes light from Quran, Hadith and opinions expressed by different jurists.

You may have differences with the opinions expressed in this section of the cyberspace. But we express our mind sincerely and welcome your opinions earnestly.

Spend some time here!

Start from the left side navigation buttons. Each unit contains simple information about that particular issue. Text links lead you to other important pages or the Guide resources.

Stay Tuned!


Note: The Muslim Marriage Guide is frequently updated. Join RSS/XML feeds on the left top corner of this web-page to receive fresh articles, notes and updates.


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Islamic Marriage by Quran.
Islamic Marriage is not only for sex and reproduction but for to establish a fully developed family unit.

Muslim Marriage Contract Essentials.
A Muslim Marriage Contract is made to meet the philosophy of Muslim marriage as enunciated by Quran.

Muslim Marriage Issues.
Muslim Marriage Issues are the same as in other marriages. However, when followed the guidelines of Quran can help you to resolve marriage issues easily.

Is Status of Women in Islam Disgraceful?
The Status of Women in Islam is an hot issue of the day. Whatever Muslims may claim, rights of Muslim women are not considered equal in most parts of the Islamic world.

Muslim Marriage Culture Features.
A Muslim marriage contract does not need any ceremony. However, Muslim marriage culture is colorful with different local customs.

Wedding Traditions around the world
Wedding traditions around the world are colorful. However, different marriage customs are given more value in different cultures, countries and societies.

African Traditions and Forced Marriages.
The Westerners may reject arranged marriages and virginity before wedlock. However, African traditions recognize them as part of their honor.

Marriage Quotations in Different Categories.
You can find general and funny marriage quotations on many matrimonial websites. However, this is the place for Muslim Marriage Quotations.

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