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Do African Traditions of Marriage Promulgate Forced Marriages?

The Western critics see these traditions through their own cultures. They allege that most of the marriages in African society are forced one. They also criticize the maintenance of virginity before marriage. They don’t recognize that in most of the situations the marrying partners prefer to depend upon their families to make a right decision of life.

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Polygamy and Other African Tribal Customs

Christianity and Western values are influencing the African society for monogamous relationships. However, Islamic permission for polygamy has strengthened the African tribal customs in this regard.


Brides’ Prices and Arranged Marriages in African Cultural Traditions

The groom is expected to offer a gift in cash or kind to the parents of the bride. This amount or gift is considered as payment on a past loan that needs not to be returned.

However, the eatables offered at ceremonies of the African cultural marriages are not considered part of the payment. It is just a symbol of hospitality.


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